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  1. 16.Dec.2015

    The art of industrial medicine: Michael Edmonds' mural unveiling at Llandough Hospital - Mike Mantin

    Mike Mantin reports from the unveiling of Michael Edmonds' mural at Llandough Hospital, and discusses its significance as a piece of disability history.

  2. 14.Dec.2015

    Towards an Inclusive Disability History? - Paul van Trigt

    In this guest post, Paul van Trigt argues for academics and activists to work together for an inclusive disability history.

  3. 09.Dec.2015

    Podcast: Being Human Festival part 2

    The second part of the recording of our our Being Human Festival 2015 event, 'Disability and Wellbeing: Past, Present and Future', featuring Andrea Gordon of Guide Dogs Cymru and an audience discussion.

  4. 01.Dec.2015

    Podcast: Being Human Festival part 1

    David Turner, Daniel Blackie and Alexandra Jones speak at our event for Being Human Festival 2015, 'Disability and Wellbeing: Past, Present and Future'.

  5. 05.Oct.2015

    Planning an Exhibition: A Guide for Historians - David Turner

    David Turner looks back on our exhibition at the National Waterfront Museum and writes about what we've learned as public historians.

  6. 14.Sep.2015

    Exhibition podcast: Mark Stone, SAFE/RNIB volunteer

    In the final podcast to accompany our exhibition, Mark Stone of Swansea Access for Everyone (SAFE) and volunteer for RNIB Swansea, reviews our exhibition and talks about access to museums and exhibitions for blind and visually impaired people.

  7. 19.Aug.2015

    Exhibition podcast: George Brinley Evans

    Our second exhibition podcast features George Brinley Evans, writer and ex-miner. George walks through our exhibition with Mike Mantin and talks about the loss of his eye in the mine, working after the accident, life in a mining village and starting his writing career.

  8. 05.Aug.2015

    Exhibition podcast: Kat Watkins, SAFE

    In the first of a series of podcasts about our exhibition, 'From Pithead to Sick Bed', Kat Watkins from the disability group Swansea Access For Everyone (SAFE) tours the exhibition and talks about how disability history connects to her own experience and activism. In conversation with Mike Mantin.

  9. 22.Jul.2015

    Thoughts on the Disability and Industrial Society Symposium - Tom Hansell

    The filmmaker Tom Hansell reflects on our 3-day symposium held at the National Waterfront Museum in July 2015, and how it relates to his own film projects in the Welsh and Appalachian coalfields.

  10. 25.Jun.2015

    From Pithead to Sick Bed Exhibition Blogs: Listening post literature readings - Alexandra Jones

    Alexandra Jones takes us through the readings from coalfields literature available to listen to at our exhibition.

  11. 23.Jun.2015

    Inspection Time down at the Waterfront - Daniel Blackie

    Photos and thanks from the National Waterfront Museum during the opening week of the 'From Pithead to Sick Bed' exhibition.

  12. 18.Jun.2015

    From Pithead to Sick Bed Exhibition Blogs: "Help in Time of Need" Banner - Mike Mantin

    In our third and final exhibition blogpost, we look at a replica trade society banner which will be hanging at the exhibition, and what it says about the role of trade and friendly societies in disabled miners' lives.

  13. 11.Jun.2015

    From Pithead to Sick Bed Exhibition Blogs: George Preece, Disabled Miner - Mike Mantin

    In the second blogpost exploring the artefacts in our exhibition, George Preece, a disabled miner whose life and work is represented in the exhibition.

  14. 04.Jun.2015

    From Pithead to Sick Bed Exhibition Blogs: The Trambulance - Mike Mantin

    In the first in a series about our exhibition, we look at the story behind the 'trambulance' we will be displaying, and the historical challenges it poses.

  15. 01.Jun.2015

    Disability history in the Richard Burton Archives - Katrina Legg

    Katrina Legg of the Richard Burton Archives at Swansea University takes us through some of the items in their collection that provide a window into the disability history of industrial South Wales.

  16. 17.Dec.2014

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2014: Baledi a Hanes Anabledd - Steven Thompson

    Blog gan Steven Thompson sy'n dod a'n blogiau Mis Hanes Anabledd 2014 i ben.

  17. 10.Dec.2014

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2014: Shepard v. Lore and the Curious Case of the Foul Disease: The Disabling affects of Yaws in Eighteenth-century America - Jason Chernesky

    Based on research in the New Jersey Archives, Jason Chernesky uncovers a court case that illustrates the social and cultural implications of yaws in eighteenth-century America.

  18. 05.Dec.2014

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2014: Newspaper Cuttings Books from Queen Mary Hospital Sidcup and Queen Mary Hospital Roehampton - Emmeline Burdett

    Emmeline Burdett explores newspaper cuttings books from two hospitals that treated disabled soldiers in World War I.

  19. 01.Dec.2014

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2014: Shell-Shock, Lunacy and Hysteria: How the First World War Changed Experiences of Mental Illness in Britain - Greta Williams Schultz

    Greta Williams Schultz on the impact and legacy of World War I for mental illness provision.

  20. 25.Nov.2014

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2014: Disability and Employment: Reconciling the Irreconcilable? - Georgia Burdett

    Georgia Burdett starts our Disability History Month with an exploration of the history of disability and employment, using the work of Anne Borsay and the history of Wales' mining industry.

  21. 24.Nov.2014

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2014: Introduction - Mike Mantin

    As this year's Disability History Month starts, Mike Mantin introduces this year's series of guest posts on our blog.

  22. 02.Oct.2014

    Report: Rethinking Patent Cultures - Mike Mantin

    Mike Mantin discusses the Rethinking Patent Cultures project's workshop in Leeds on disability and prosthetics, and asks how it might help historians of disability and coal.

  23. 03.Sep.2014

    Anne Borsay: a short tribute

    A short tribute to the work of project leader Professor Anne Borsay.

  24. 22.Aug.2014

    Sport and Special Education in the 19th and early 20th Centuries - Mike Mantin

    Mike Mantin looks into the history of sport in Victorian and Edwardian special education, arguing that it of huge value to the history of disabled and Deaf children

  25. 17.Jul.2014

    Mining for Memories: Scottish Disability History Roadshow - Angela Turner

    Angela Turner discusses June's 'Mining for Memories' Disability History Roadshow, the recording of which have been collected on our website.

  26. 29.Apr.2014

    Report: Coalfield Disability Witness Seminar - Angela Turner

    Angela Turner reports on this month's Scottish 'witness seminar', which brought together disabled ex-miners and professionals from the coalfields to discuss the legacy of disability in the coal industry.

  27. 03.Feb.2014

    A Melee for the Relief Fund - Mike Mantin

    Mike Mantin writes about a disruptive meeting for about a Miners' Permanent Relief Fund, and asks what it tells us about how colliery accidents were perceived by coal-owners and miners.

  28. 03.Jan.2014

    Conference Report: Disease, Disability and Medicine in Medieval Europe - Patricia Skinner

    Patricia Skinner reports from the medieval disability history conference at Georgia Regents University, Augusta, Georgia, 6-8 December 2013.

  29. 23.Dec.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: "You May Have Noticed I am Shy a Larboard Leg": Dr Dogbody and Disability History

    Emmeline Burdett looks at James Norman Hall's short story collection 'Dr Dogbody's Leg', using disability history to see the stories in a new light.

  30. 16.Dec.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: The Thalidomide Disaster - Anne Borsay and Ruth Blue

    Anne Borsay and Ruth Blue on the Thalidomide disaster and how their project is chronicling oral testimonies of those involved.

  31. 13.Dec.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: The History of Disability in Christian Thought - Brian Brock

    Brian Brock discusses his recent work, which seeks to question assumptions on the ways in which disability has been represented throughout Christian history.

  32. 11.Dec.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: The Leonard Cheshire Disability Archive - Stephanie Nield

    A history of the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity, their residential homes and campaigning work, and the collections in the Leonard Cheshire Disability Archive, by its archivist Stephanie Nield.

  33. 09.Dec.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: The Long History of 'Disability History' - David Turner

    David Turner looks at some 18th and 19th century disabled writers who wrote their own disability histories.

  34. 06.Dec.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: Disability and the De-industrialisation of the Welsh Valleys - Georgia Burdett

    Georgia Burdett looks at the representation of disability in de-industrialised Welsh communities in Christopher Meredith's Shifts

  35. 04.Dec.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: Hip Dysplasia and Congenital Hip Dislocation in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century - Gemma Almond

    Gemma Almond, undergraduate History student at Swansea University and Paralympic swimmer, writes about her dissertation research on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century hip dislocation and discusses why she decided to study this area of disability history.

  36. 28.Nov.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: Cerebral Palsy Midlands: How our project contributes to Disability History and why we need Disability Heritage - Lottie Clark

    Lottie Clark of Cerebral Palsy Midlands introduces their new heritage project and discusses what heritage oral history can contribute to our understandings of disability both in the past and today.

  37. 25.Nov.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: Collecting Disability History - Nicole Belolan

    Nicole Belolan explores what the study of material culture can contribute to disability history by taking us through examples from her own collection. Guest post for UK Disability History Month blogs 2013.

  38. 22.Nov.2013

    UK Disability History Month Blogs 2013: Introduction - Mike Mantin

    Mike Mantin introduces a series of guest posts on disability history which will feature on our blog throughout UK Disability History Month 2013 (22 November - 22 December).

  39. 14.Oct.2013

    Remembering Senghenydd - one hundred years on - Ben Curtis

    Ben Curtis writes about the memorial events marking 100 years since the Senghenydd colliery disaster, the UK's worst mining accident, which killed 439 miners.

  40. 11.Oct.2013

    Conference Report: The European Association for the History of Medicine and Health, Lisbon, 4-7 September 2013 - Angela Turner

    Angela Turner reports from the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHMH) conference on 'Risk and Disaster in Health and Medicine' in Lisbon, including the Disability and Industrial Society panel.

  41. 25.Sep.2013

    Conference Report: Accidents and Emergencies: Risk, Welfare and Safety in Europe and North America, c.1750-2000 - Mike Mantin

    Mike Mantin writes about the 'Accidents and Emergencies' conference at Oxford Brookes in September 2013, which explored the themes of risk, welfare and safety in history.

  42. 10.Sep.2013

    Disability in Time and Place - Kara Brown

    Kara Brown reviews the new 'Disability in Time and Place' teaching resource from English Heritage.

  43. 09.Aug.2013

    'Never give way to despondency': The sufferings of George Spearing in a Coal Pit, 1769 - David Turner

    David Turner uncovers the story of Lieutenant George Spearing, who fell into a Scottish coal pit in 1769 and wrote about both his ordeal in the pit and his subsequent amputation.

  44. 18.Jul.2013

    Conference Report: VariAbilit(ies) A Conference on the History and Representation of the Body in its Diversity - Victoria Brown

    Victoria Brown reports from the VariAbilit(ies) conference in Decatur, Georgia, 4-6 July 2013, and finds a diverse and vibrant discussion about the meanings of disability and ability.

  45. 11.Jul.2013

    Disfigurement in the Middle Ages - Patricia Skinner

    Patricia Skinner of Swansea University shares her prizewinning entry to the Swansea University SURF Research as Art competition, which shows visually the sites of medieval facial disfigurement.

  46. 14.Jun.2013

    Voices from the Past: A New History of Disability - Alun Withey

    A review of the recent Radio 4 series 'Disability: A New History' by Alun Withey of the University of Exeter

  47. 06.Jun.2013

    More Disability History Documentaries Please - Daniel Blackie

    Daniel Blackie on why we need more programmes like Radio 4's groundbreaking "Disability: A New History".

  48. 30.May.2013

    Review of Ben Curtis, 'The South Wales Miners: 1964-1985' - Chris Williams

    Chris Williams reviews the new study of the South Wales miners by 'Disability and Industrial Society' team member Ben Curtis.

  49. 21.May.2013

    The Miner's Lamp - Ben Curtis

    In this posting Ben Curtis considers the meaning and significance of the miner's lamp.

  50. 13.May.2013

    "Cap in Hand?" Report Issued - Georgia Burdett

    Georgia Burdett on the Bevan Foundation's Report on Disabled People in Wales

  51. 10.May.2013

    An English Heritage Conference on Disability History at the London Metropolitan Archives - Anne Borsay

    Anne Borsay reports on English Heritage's recent conference, 'Disability History: Voices and Sources' and discusses the organisation's recent work in disability history.

  52. 26.Apr.2013

    Reflections on the Price of Coal Roadshow at the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea - Steph Mastoris

    Head of the National Waterfront Museum reflects on the project's successful and well attended first Roadshow event held in March 2013

  53. 19.Mar.2013

    Disability Wales' Story at 40: Building an oral history of disability - Mike Mantin

    Mike Mantin looks at Disability Wales' recent series of interviews with disabled people, and asks what its significance might be for the future of oral disability history.

  54. 11.Feb.2013

    My Time with Big Pit - Alex Rees

    At the end of January 2013 team member Alex Rees spent time at Big Pit as part of the Knowledge Exchange scheme. In this posting, she reflects on her experiences.